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The Beauty and Charm of Ashiya
What it’s like living in Ashiya?

 Ashiya is nestled between the Rokko Mountain Range and Osaka Bay, and conveniently located midway between bustling Osaka and cosmopolitan Kobe. It is a renowned residential area, with many fine homes built in both traditional Japanese and modern architectural designs. Ashiya offers easy access to a range of active leisure activities within the city itself and in the surrounding mountains and seaside. Residents of Ashiya enjoy a refined lifestyle, and frequent the many boutique cafes, restaurants, galleries, and shops spread throughout the city.

  • Asihiya City Library
  • Ashiya City Museum of Art & History
  • Tanizaki Junichiro Memorial Museum of Literature, Ashiya
  • Ashiya Spa
  • Ashiya Marina
  • Ashiya River
  • Ancient Tomb of Prince Abo
  • Ashiya by Night
  • Ashiya Townscape
  • Ashiya River in Autumn
  • Central Ashiya
  • View of Ashiya