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About Us

Our Mission

 We promise you excellent service that you will find to be absolutely outstanding and unique in the real estate business in Japan. You are guaranteed to feel the difference with “Oh! Real Estate” in Ashiya.

 In real estate transactions our roles are:
  • Consultant

    We listen to you carefully and understand your priorities in order to help you find your perfect home.

  • Negotiator

    We negotiate on your behalf in every purchase or sale in order to achieve the best result.

  • Project Manager

    We communicate with all who are involved in real estate transactions to save you both time and money.

  • Strategist

    We help you make important purchase and sales decisions by giving you a thorough analysis of the market.

 Real estate buying or selling is a serious business in any situation but especially so if you are looking to buy or sell in a foreign country. When you are planning to buy a home far away from your own country, it should not be just a piece of property, but an oasis for you and your family to rest in. We take each buyer’s unique needs seriously and do our best to fulfill them by using our extensive knowledge of different cultures. Don’t hesitate - start your search with us today!

Professional Profile

Kazuaki Kobo

Kazuaki Kobo

 Kazuaki Kobo began his career in real estate sales and marketing after graduating from Meiji Gakuin University with Mitsui Fudosan Sales Co. Ltd (Tokyo), one of Japan’s leading real estate companies. It was here that he was able to hone his skills in customer service, sales, marketing, and negotiating. His diligence paid off and he was soon the recipient of awards such as “Gold Realtor” - “Best Sales Rep” -“Best Branch Manager”. These awards were rewards for his tremendous efforts and outstanding skills in not only sales and marketing but also in personnel management.

 After 16 years with Mitsui Fudosan and having had a brilliant track record, he started in 2006 his own, “Oh! Real Estate Co., Ltd.” in Ashiya City. His success continued and within 3 years, he became a Certified Property Manager (CPM) as designated by the Institute of Real Estate Management of the National Association of Realtors in 2009.

 Kazuaki Kobo is one of the top real estate agents in the Kansai area and very few realtors are able to provide his level of customer experience.

The title of certified property manager

Our Staff

  • Harumi Kanenobu

    Harumi Kanenobu

    Looking for a home, apartment or office for rent?
    Talk with Ms. Kanenobu, our expert advisor in the area.

  • Miwa Kobo

    Miwa Kobo

    Come and meet with Ms. Kobo who has an extensive personal network in Ashiya, and who possesses a wealth of useful information about the city and its surrounds.